The Ultimate Guide to Small Shop Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

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As the New York weather gets chillier and the last leaves start to fall off of the trees, I’ve been finding myself thinking more and more about the Christmas season. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and motherhood has only intensified that feeling. Sharing all of our holiday traditions with our children and creating new memories and traditions is something I look forward to all year.   

One thing that I really love about the holiday season is searching for special gifts for my children. I love showering them with gifts and have to watch myself so make sure that I don’t go overboard (can anyone relate?!). Some things I am conscious of when shopping for my babes is the quality of the toys that I am buying for them - I would much rather buy one well-made wooden toy that will last and will encourage them to play and use their imagination than buy them three or four cheaper toys that will break easily or will just end up getting forgotten about in the bottom of the toy bin. 

Since we’ll have a fresh new babe to celebrate Christmas with this year, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite small shops and they’re beautiful, handmade baby items. High quality items that will last for years to come and you get to support a family’s business - everyone wins!  

Classic Wooden Baby Gym

So, I adore this little wooden baby gym. I’m not a fan of the bright primary colors and patterns that are usually on baby gyms but boy, are those gyms useful. We didn’t get one for baby #2 and Ransom’s old baby gym has seen better days and is missing most of the hanging toys that originally came with it. I love, love, love the simple structure of this gym and wood instead of cheap plastic.  


Wood and Silicone Teething Rings 

Baby girl will definitely be needing some teething toys in the next few months and these wood and silicone rings are not beautiful, but made out of high quality wood and food-grade silicone so I don't have to worry about what she's putting in her mouth. Bonus: these colors match her nursery theme perfectly, but this sweet little shop offers lots of different color options to fit your little's personality. 


Bunny Ear Teething Toy

Another teething toy, because babes put everything in their mouths so why not give them a few options? I love the different colors and textures of these sweet little toys. And with their pricetag, I can get a few different patterns so we'll always have one handy! 


Soft Sensory Blocks

I love blocks and toys that encourage littles to use their imagination. These soft sensory blocks are perfect for teeny tiny babes who aren't ready for wooden blocks quite yet, but could still benefit the from some sensory play (because who couldn't?). I plan on getting baby girl a set so that she and her big brother can play blocks together and bond during tummy time. 


Round Boho Tummy Time Play Mat

Speaking of tummy time... this tummy time play mat is simply dreamy. The perfect addition to any little nursery, and would work beautifully with the wooden play gym listed above. The craft on this handmade item really makes it worth the price, not to mention that your babies will be able to play on it for years after they're past the tummy time stage. 


Wooden Pacifier Clips

If you're anything like me, than you probably have 800 pacifiers scattered around your house but you can never find one when you need one. These sweet little pacifier clips solve that problem while also being super cute. I love that they're simple and gender neutral. A sweet and functional baby gift that will save you time when you're desperately searching for that binky at 2 am. 


Ball Pit

Okay, so I'm kind of obsessed with this ball pit. All of the fun of a Chuck-E-Cheese right in my house but with the sweet, classic look I love as opposed to the obnoxious primary colors. This toy is a little on the pricey side, but we typically do one big present, so I'm thinking that this will be the big present this year. I love how it encourages movement and activity, and will provide my babes with hours of fun! I'm already imagining my babies playing in the ball pit together and it's seriously giving me all the heart eyes....  For more interactive toys for babies check out Thrifty Mama Life's Holiday Gift Guide.


Soft Sole Baby Booties

I have a bit of an obsession with baby shoes, so I'll definitely be throwing a few pairs into little girl's Christmas stocking this year. I love the denim and lace on these ones, but the shop has lots of other patterns to choose from! 


Rose Gold Shimmer Skinny Jeans

I love baby jeans and these rose gold shimmer ones are no exception. I love that the jeans from HarperJett Denim are made by hand and are such high quality. I'll be purchasing these rose gold ones for baby girl along with another pattern for big brother. 




One thing that is, admittedly, missing from this list is books. I love baby books and reading to my babes, but I was not able to find many handmade/small shop baby books that were in my budget range. However, that certainly doesn't mean that we won't be buying lots of books for Christmas this year, just that they didn't make this list ;) Man-Cub Mamas has a wonderful list of the best books for toddlers that I'll be referring to while doing my Christmas shopping. 

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