25 Days of Toddler Christmas Activities


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Last year, a friend and I challenged each other to do 25 days of Christmas activities with our kids to get them excited about the Christmas season. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to stick with it for the whole month or December, but Ransom had so much fun it ended up being much easier than I expected. We had so much fun and made so many memories together, so I plan to do it again this year. Everything is easier if you plan it out ahead of time, so I’ve compiled all the activities that I have planned for this Christmas season. I hope they inspire you to so some fun Christmas activities with your babies! 

Day 1: Glitter Slime.

I see a lot of parents on social media hating on slime, but I honestly love it. This might not be the activity for you if you don’t like messes, but I would argue that messes clean up but fun memories last. And this fun memory is glittery and smells like Christmas. 

Day 2: Christmas Tree Lighting at the Zoo. 

Ransom has been itching to “show my baby” the animals at the zoo, so we’re going to go enjoy the tree lighting ceremony, Christmas carols, and hot cocoa with the animals.  

3 Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament.



I love making Christmas tree ornaments with Ransom. Not only is it a fun activity, but they make great Christmas gifts and they're perfect for filling up the bottom half of our tree, which only has non-breakable ornaments due to curious little hands. These little jingle bell ornaments look super easy to make and I know Ransom will have a blast playing with the bells. We'll throw on Jingle Bells on the Zeppelin and practice our Christmas carols. 

Day 4: Flying Reindeer Paper Plate Craft 


A fun little craft for my currently reindeer-obsessed son. Make sure to have all the parts pre-cut and ready to go if you're doing this with younger kids - it'll make for a smoother process and help keep the craft within the range of their attention span. 

Day 5: Grinch Fruit Kabobs  


This is the day of Ransom's Christmas party for the music class he attends, so our Christmas activity will be attending the party. And we'll be making and bringing along these cute and healthy Grinch kabobs to share with his friends!

Day 6: Letters to Santa

This is the first year that Ransom has really grasped the concept of Santa and he is so excited about it. We'll be writing and mailing our letters to him using one of these adorable templates.

Day 7: Salt Dough Ornaments.

I know what Grandma is getting for Christmas this year! Preserve those cute little handprints while they’re still teeny tiny... and use up the rest of the glitter and glue from the slime!

Day 8: Festival of Lights

The local Basilica has a gorgeous Festival of Lights display that is free to the public. We'll be bundling up and taking the kiddos to see all the lights. Check to see what sort of light festivals are happening in your area!  

Day 9: Felt Christmas Tree

I've done this for the last two years for Ransom and both years he's loved it. And I love that it gives him his own little tree to decorate and has (so far) kept him away from the real tree.

Day 10: Christmas Tree! 


This is one of my favorite things that we do as a family all year. We have a favorite farm that we go to each year that has live reindeer and other fun family activities. Usually we go out to the fields and cut down our own tree, but seeing as we’ll be bringing a newborn along this year, we’ll probably stick to the pre-cut trees in the barn. Do you do a real tree or an artificial?  

Day 11: Santa Pancakes


ren’t these the cutest pancakes? Refined sugar and simple carbs are Ransom’s love language, so these pancakes are a must. I try to make them at least a little bit healthy by making them vegan with coconut whipped cream and topping them with tons of fruit.  

Day 12: Natural Christmas Play Dough


I don’t know a toddler who doesn’t love play dough, plus this is super easy and fun to make. I love that it uses non-toxic ingredients and it smells amazing - you can make candy cane, eggnog, gingerbread, or Christmas tree scented dough. 

Day 13: New Christmas Movie

We try to add a new Christmas movie to our collection every year. This year we realized that for some crazy reason, we don’t have Elf yet. So we’ll be having an Elf movie night for sure! 

Day 14: Icy Cold Snow Dough

We made this snow dough last year and it was so much fun to make little snowmen and snowballs right in the kitchen. I think Ransom will have even more fun with it now that he’s a bit older. And it only has two hours ingredients!  

Day 15: Candy Cane Hunt

 This activity is a lot more fun if you can do it outside, but will work as an indoor activity too. This year I’m going to make a map of where the candy canes are hidden so Ransom can hunt for the “treasure”. 

Day 16: Trip to See Santa


This one is pretty self-explanatory: a trip to see the big guy. I’m hoping that Ransom will actually sit on his lap this year, but I’m not going to push it if he doesn’t. Does your little one like visiting Santa?  

Day 17: Snowflake Painting

This is a fun, easy painting activity and will make some cute winter decorations for my house.  

Day 18: The Bear Stays Up for Christmas Book and Activity

We've been reading a lot of different Christmas books this year, and this is one of our favorites. We'll be reading it again and then doing this sweet craft together. 

Day 19: Family of Santa Handprints

How adorable are these little handprint Santas?! I’m going to attempt to get all of our handprints in one place. Wish me luck with getting the baby’s handprint....  

Day 20: Gingerbread House

This is something we do every year. Generally, my husband and I build the house and Ransom supervises and eats all the candy!  

Day 21: Late Night Drive to See Christmas Lights. 

Seeing as this day is the Winter Solstice and the darkest day of the year, I thought that it was appropriate to take advantage of the dark and drive around to see all the pretty Christmas lights on the houses. And we just might grab some hot cocoa while we’re out.  

Day 22: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Reindeer Chow

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a favorite in our house and I’ve been looking for an excuse to make some reindeer chow, so a movie night and special treat it is! 

Day 23: Gift Wrapping 


This Christmas season has been so fun already because Ransom is old enough to pick out gifts for people. I love this sweet, simple wrapping paper to make with him and wrap up his gifts for family members.

Day 24: Christmas Eve


Where do I even start? We always spend the day making Christmas cookies for Santa. Usually we snuggle on the couch and eat too many of those cookies while drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies on repeat. My husband and I used to like to go to midnight mass, but we’ve learned that going out after 7pm with little ones really isn’t the best idea so now we go to a family service earlier in the evening. We have a tradition of doing one present on Christmas Eve and it’s usually something quiet that can be played with during the church service. Everyone gets new pajamas for Christmas so they can be nice and cozy while they sleep waiting for Santa to come.



No special activity listed here because I’m sure you have plenty planned already. But I’d love to know: what are your favorite holiday traditions that you share with your children? Is there anything silly or unique that you do every year?  


I hope that this list inspires you and that you have a fun, merry season as you and your family prepare for Christmas! Did you have a favorite activity on the list? What about something that you’d add? Please let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time,  

❤️ Becca