Easy and Inexpensive Nylon Headband Tutorial

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My nesting instinct has come in full force in the last month or so, and I've been using every spare minute I have to make preparations for baby girl to get here. In addition to climbing inside the kitchen trash can to deep clean it (yeah, that happened) I've been crafting like a lunatic. There are just so many cute little things to make for baby girls! 

One of my favorite things to make recently has been headbands. These little nylon headbands are super trendy right now (I see them every time I open up Facebook or Instagram) and are made out of soft, stretchy material, so they don't leave a mark on baby's head. However, they can be a tad expensive if you buy them and if you're anything like me, you'll want one in every color of the rainbow. That gets pricey. Fortunately, they're super easy and super inexpensive to make, so you can whip up one to coordinate every outfit in your little one's closet in no time! 

Here is how I made these darling little headbands:


  • Nylon headbands - $0.39 each from Ninth and Hazel (or see note below to make your own!)
  • Liquid Stitch - $6.38 from Amazon 
  • Flowers, bows, or ribbons of your choice - Amazon or your local craft store should have a good selection. 


Grab a nylon band and make sure that it is turned right side out. 


Select a flower or bow for your headband. 


Place a small dot of liquid stitch on your selected embellishment. 


Place the embellishment on the nylon headband, holding securely in place between your thumb and pointer finger. Hold together for 15 seconds (or longer if the embellishment doesn't seem secure), before gently putting aside to dry. 


Allow the headbands to dry for 30-60 minutes before attempting to stretch them or wear them. 

Repeat! Make a million of these little headbands and send me pictures of your creations! 



That's it! As you can see, I've already made quite a few headbands for baby girl and I'm planning on making more! Looks like my next nesting project will be an organizer to hold all of her little accessories... 

For more cute baby creations, check out my Etsy shop! 

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Comment with a picture of your creations! 

Note: You can also make the nylon headbands by cutting up your old pantyhose. However, I didn't have any old pantyhose in a color I liked for headbands and therefore, have not tried this method. Let me know how it works for you if you try it!